What is ‘The Moon Floss Strategy Room?’ I’m so glad you asked! Let me explain how the idea behind the Moon Floss Strategy came about. A decade or two ago I was faced with the challenge of accomplishing a major  task. I was famous for making ‘TO-DO’ lists in notebooks, however, I was equally famous for closing the cover and succumbing to the ‘Out of sight, Out of mind’ habit of procrastination. I knew I needed to do something a little more ‘IN YOUR FACE’ if I was to succeed this time. I asked myself, “Where would I put a list of ‘must do’ items so I would be sure to see it everyday–if not multiple times a day–and not be able to escape the tasks that absolutely needed to be accomplished?” “Where would I be a ‘Captive Audience?” It had to be somewhere I knew I would be guarenteed to be to see the list. The Answer was so simple…The bathroom, more specifically the wall directly opposite the royal flusher (just above the moon floss dispenser). Did this strategy work? YUP! Would it work for everybody? Well, You could ask the room-mate I had at the time, We both had to work on the same task and we both ended up succeeding 100%. We also had the bathroom mirror covered with data and the television screen as well. This was before the casual advances of laptops and we were temporarily residing in a hotel far from home, otherwise the laptops would have been kept shut off. We agreed that the only way we were going to succeed was by sacrificing and eliminating any ‘FUN’ distractions.


I finally got the rest of the dream stormed thoughts sorted out and added to the temporary surface. With all of the life interuptions these past few weeks it has been a challenge. After the Dream Storming Task,  Part 1 and Part 2, this next bit took a while to get to the stage to blog about…after all I had to have something to show.


THE MOON FLOSS STRATEGY-that’s a whole lotta individual tasks….




Now some of you won’t have as large a task as we do. You might be able to just post your list on the mirror or just above the moon floss. But for us…We needed the whole wall. Because this is our dream quest we also wanted to post a little incentive to keep us motivated. I gathered some images off the internet that were representative of our goals and made a collage to place in the middle of the wall. Once you start putting the goals and tasks on the wall, you will probably notice some areas that need to be added to that you didn’t make task slips or categories for. To make things convenient for adding additional items, I hung a few buckets with supplies from the towel bar.

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  1. Make an ‘Incentive Collage’ and post it in the middle of the wall. (What the heck! Make a few of these and hang them all over…the fridge…the front door…the back door…above the TV…the bedroom ceiling…etc)
  2. Hang a few buckets of additional supplies (extra post-its, markers, scissors, tape, etc) from the towel bar or someplace nearby. You want to be able to add items as the thought presents itself.
  3. Make sectional headers that will divide the goals into distinct areas. Ours are DOWNSIZING, THE RIG and FINANCIAL. Helps to keep the areas organized.
  4. Remember that each ‘category’ and ‘task group’ have double Post-Its. The reason for this is that once you select a task and finish it, you will then stick it on another available wall. This will become your ‘DONE’ wall! Whatever task group this task belongs to has a ‘double header’, Once you start on a group, the 2nd Task Group Post-It also goes on the ‘DONE’ wall. This way you can see at a glance that you actually are accomplishing something.
  5. Start by placing your General Categories (PINK) around the wall. Don’t worry about getting them just so, I guarantee you will be moving these around a bit as the groups grow or you think they’d be better in a different area than where you started them.
  6. Then put all of your Task Groups (GREEN) under the appropriate categories.
  7. Now start putting your tasks under the proper groups. Again, don’t worry about what order they are in, right now you are just getting them up on the wall.
  8. Take a look at your wall, is it laid out the way you want it. Shift things around until you are happy. As you see the need for additional tasks, just leave space to add them in later.
  9. Now organize your individual tasks in reverse chronological order. The tasks of that group that need to be done first should be at the bottom of the list.
  10. After you are happy with the placement, you will need to rub your finger over the Post-Its to make sure the adhere well to the wall. (shower steam will make them curl as the room re-cools, but just take the time to rub them down a bit and they will stay put.)
  11. Once you begin actually working on the tasks you set for yourself, you will find yourself eventually coming to the last task of that group. When that happens, put the last task on the ‘DONE’ wall as well as the Task Group Post-It. That shows that that Group is completely done. (I think this would then be a good excuse to have a little party when this occurs)















This is a close-up of the Yard Sale Category under the ‘DOWNSIZING’ area. I haven’t put the tasks in order yet in this picture but you get the idea. (clicking on the picture will give you a huge exploded view)










So…Good Luck and Have FUN!!!



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Hopefully by now you have gotten all of your Dream Stormed ideas highlighted with the appropriate colors–including the ones you added that popped up in your head when you got your first good look at the highlighted pages you’d just FINISHED. (take note here–carry this notebook with you whenever you can because new thoughts will continually present themselves–so the reality is you’ll never be truly FINISHED but you will be more organized and better prepared!!!) 

Now it’s time to gather up those Post-It’s–all four colors, scissors–non-stick if you have them–and your sharpies. And we’re off to the next step…


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This is a TEMPORARY work station just to get your Post-its and thoughts down in such a way that you’ll be able to better plan your final lay-out. After doing this part you might be tempted to say, “Well…Shoot…this looks organized enough, I’ll just leave it like this.”

And my response is, “Sorry Charlie. Y’all ain’t getting off that easy.” You’ll see my CRAZY reasons why in the post follow-up to the ‘Organizing Those Dream Stormed Thoughts’ series of posts–when all will be revealed. (here’s a hint though, I’ll whisper it…Moon Floss… That’s it…that’s all you get)

There are a couple of ways to approach this part. It pretty much depends on your current living arrangements, how much room you have to spread out and whether or not it can be left out or put away. (and if you can stand looking at it laying out in the open).


  1. THE COFFEE/DINING ROOM TABLE OR DESK- This is a useful surface if you don’t use it for it’s intended purpose anyway. If you live alone and eat your meals on the couch in front of the TV, this could work.
  2. A LARGE NOTEBOOK OR BINDER- This works well as a PORTABLE and temporary work station. You can go hang out at your favorite spot. Just throw everything in a backpack and go.
  3. A DRY ERASE BOARD- This could be mounted on a wall or an easel.
  4. A BLANK WALL- Lot’s of room here if you have a thousand tasks to sort out. (Hmmmm…sounds like us)
  5. A LONG SLIM PROFILE UNDER THE BED STORAGE BOX WITH LID- This is the method We will be using because of our RUGRAT INFESTATION (just kidding–I adore my Grandyboys but they do like to meddle and muss) The beauty of this temporary work station is that if I am interrupted mid task, I simply slap the lid on the work in progress and slide it somewhere out of sight. This is also a GREAT SOLUTION for any ongoing project i.e. beading, scrap-booking, whittling wood, intricate cookie decorating etc… Especially if you have little ones around or limited space where you can’t leave the project out and you don’t want to have to put all of your supplies away mid-project.
  6. EXCEL SPREAD SHEET- For those of you lucky enough to understand the intricate (frustrating) workings of Excel I say BRAVO! So the Post-It plan may not even be necessary, you can just input the dream storming data in a layout that will mimic our Post-It plan….Don’t get too SMUG about your prowess just yet because the follow-up post steps will also apply to you..

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We will begin with pointing out that the Pink and Green  Post-Its will be handled in the following manner. They will be left whole and labeled across the top (the top of course being the closest edge to the sticky strip on the back of the Post-It) For each label, i.e. kitchen, books, crafts, paint supplies, etc… you will make two identical Post-Its in the appropriate color, these will be kept together until separated at a later date. This applies only to the Pink ♥ and Green  Post-Its. ***DETAILED CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS IN FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH***

The Yellow  Post-Its, which are used for the ‘individual tasks’ need a little prep work first. This is where the scissors come in handy. Tear off a thin stack of Yellow Post-Its from the main block, make it as thick as your scissors can comfortably cut through without distorting (where the stack tries to separate and fan out from pressure while you cut). You will make a total of three cuts. Starting at the bottom, cut straight up the middle of the stack all the way through. you should now have 2 stacks approximately 1 1/2 inches wide. do the same thing again to both stacks. Cut up the middle until you have a total of 4 stacks 3/4’s of an inch wide. To get a rough idea of how many strips you’ll need, count all the individual tasks and divide by 4. (100 tasks Divided by 4 = 25 Post-Its to cut.This will make 100- 3/4 inch strips) I highly recommend cutting extras. This is to allow for mistakes and because you know that you will be adding lots more tasks as you go along.

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  1. Select and set-up your temporary work station.
  2. Gather your supplies together
  3. Use your Dream Storming notebook
  4. Starting with Pink♥ Post-It’s and a sharpie, look in your notebook to find all of the Pink♥ Highlighted entries (Specific Category Heading). Each entry gets two (2) identical Post-Its. Write the heading across the top.
  5.  Designate a section of your temporary work station to stick these pairs of Post-Its in a R–>L line
  6. Next is the Green Post-It’s. Find all of the Green♥ Highlighted entries (Task Groups)  Each entry gets two (2) identical Post-Its. Write the heading across the top.
  7. Under the Pink line of Post-Its, start a Green line going R–>L
  8. Yellow♥ Post-Its-3/4 inch strips (Individual Tasks) only get one each per task. Make a yellow strip for each individual task. Right now just concentrate on getting the tasks labeled.
  9. Stick all of the yellow task strips along the bottom of your work surface or page (you are going to need the free space in-between the yellows and the rest of the post-its for organizing).

****You probably won’t have as big a list of things as we do…(I commiserate if you do)…So we are using three cookie sheets and probably the tri-fold board as well. 

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Now it’s time to puzzle out the groupings of tasks. We will only be focusing on the Yellow and Green Post-Its at this time. *** I don’t have pictures for this part of the process as I haven’t gotten this far yet myself (got about 1000+ little yellow post-its to do still…AARrrrrRGH!!!!)

  1. Select a ‘yellow’ task Post-It.
  2. Look at the ‘green’ task group Post-It line, is there a task group listed that this task would fit into?
  3. If the answer is yes, stick the yellow task post-it just under the title ON the actual task group post-it.
  4. If the answer is no, then take this time to create a green task group post it. Then stick the yellow task on the new task group post-it
  5. Continue until all of the yellow tasks have been stuck onto an appropriate ‘green task group’ post-it.


  1. Select a task group post-it. It doesn’t matter which one you start with. It should have a few to several individual yellow task post-its stuck to it.
  2. Remove all the yellow post-its and lay them out
  3. It’s now time to prioritize the tasks within that group. Take a look at them and determine which ones need to be done first in order for all the tasks in that group to become completed.
  4. Then in reverse order of importance, re-stick them onto the green task group post-it. This way the tasks that need to be done first will be on top of the task ‘pile’ in that group.
  5. Set the ‘prioritized task group aside and select another task group
  6. Repeat and continue until all of the task groups have been prioritized.

Did you notice as you went along that there were tasks missing? Simply make a note in your Dream Storming notebook and you can add them all in later. Resist stopping in the middle of your prioritizing (you end up breaking the flow of productivity) just jot down any additions and move on. This will enable you to stay focused without stressing that you’ll forget some important task.

Okay…Now let’s all get to work!!!!



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Getting Back To Work


‘Y?’ Because Going After A Dream Can be a Crazy Ordeal and this is the best way to jump start that dream

So the Dream Storming Vacation is over. Now What? Do we finally get down to the business of downsizing?

Not Exactly…

Now we need to sort through the Dream Storming Notebook and you’ll need a few tools and supplies for the next step. (please note that this next step is my personal preference to organizing. You may find an excel spreadsheet or other high tech data tracking program better suits your needs) I do have a reason for doing it this way and I’ll explain why as we go along.


  1. 3″x3″ Super Sticky post it notes in the following colors-yellow-pink-green-blue
  2. Highlighters in the following colors-(note:these match the post-it colors) yellow-pink-blue-green
  3. Homemade ‘PATH’ Titles- these can be written on 3″x5″ Index cards or typed in large font in word and cut into a Strip ‘PATH’ Title
  4. Pair of scissors (if you have a set of non-stick scissors this would be helpful)
  5. Large Photo or Photo montage that depicts your dream goal
  6. A strip calendar that shows the month you start all the way to your target completion date. You can make one yourself, just make sure it isn’t wider than 3 inches. Length will be determined by how many months you’ve given yourself. You won’t be writing on this, only ‘ticking’ off the days till your Dream Launch Date.
  7. Fine point  black ink Sharpie
  8. Post-It Tags/page markers-assorted colors
  9. A thermometer style fundraising  goal chart- easy to make your own
  10. And of course…your Dream Storming Notebook 

    Lot's Of Dream Stormin' On These Here Pages

    Lot’s Of Dream Stormin’ On These Here Pages


We’ll be using a color-coded system to organize the results of the ‘Dream Storming’ vacation task. This will enable us to visualize all of the tasks that need to be accomplished in order to successfully reach our dream goal.

Let's Organize Those Thoughts

Let’s Organize Those Thoughts

Tools and Supplies for Dream Stormed Thoughts

Tools and Supplies for Dream Stormed Thoughts

De-Coding the Color Code

The color codes apply to the Post-Its and their corresponding Highlighters.

Let's get READY TO.....Highlight!!! (Bet you thought I was gonna say RRRumble)

Let’s get READY TO…..Highlight!!! (Bet you thought I was gonna say RRRumble)

Highlighting the Research Topics in Blue

Highlighting the Research Topics in Blue

Blue for Research...Blue is good....

Blue for Research…Blue is good….

  1. PINK– Identifies ‘A SPECIFIC CATEGORY‘…I.E…Kitchen, Books & Magazines, Attic, Bedroom, Crafts, Etsy, Ebay, Banking, Yard Sale, etc…
  2. GREEN– Identifies ‘TASK GROUPS‘…these are used to organize and identify the various groups of jobs needed to be done…i.e. Under the PINK category ‘Crafts‘ you would have several GREEN labeled task groups, i.e.Ribbons, Rubber Stamps Supplies, Sewing Supplies, Craft Tools, Drawing Supplies, Painting, etc… Or another example–PINK category ‘Yard Sale‘–>GREEN task groups–Gathering Yard Sale Items, Cleaning and Pricing, Storing Priced Yard Sale Items, Yard Sale Set-up, Yard Sale Promotion, etc…
  3. YELLOW– Identifies ‘INDIVIDUAL TASKS‘…these are the items that must be done in order to complete a task group. i.e…PINK category ‘Yard Sale‘–>GREEN task group ‘Gathering Yard Sale Items‘–>Yellow tasks, Pick Pre-Staging Area, label Outside Safe Stuff box(es), label climate control box(es), label clothes on hangers box(es), label clothes(pants, shirts, kids, plus size etc) box(es), place gathered items in appropriate boxes, neatly stack filled boxes.
  4. BLUE– Identifies items that ‘Need To Be Researched‘. You can have a separate section (PATH*) for all items that need to be researched or you can put them in with the other groups that they might be relevant to. Items you might need to research could be- yard sale regulations for your neighborhood, best type of solar array for your RV, who might be willing to take family heirlooms like photos, private insurance, cost comparisons of different RV/VAN/BUS conversions, maintenance comparisons on RV/VAN/BUS conversions, job prospects for on the road, on-line selling options for your stuff, establishing on-line accounts, mobile WiFi options, etc…

*(PATH)–this refers to the layout of the goal chart…to be fully explained in the next post.


The next task is to go through the dream storming notebook and begin Highlighting everything you’ve written down so far–in the appropriate colors. We won’t be using the post-its just yet. That step will be out-lined in Part 2 of Organizing Your Dream Stormed Thoughts. Not to worry, you will have plenty to do before I post Part 2.

  1. Look at your Dream Storming List…it should be a pretty random assortment of things to do. Grab your 4 highlighters (Pink, Green, Yellow and Blue)
  2. Look at the first item on the list- decide what it is…Is it a ‘category, a ‘task group, an individual task, or something that needs ‘researching‘?
  3. Highlight the item with the proper color marker.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, of this list, on all the rest of your entries in the Dream Storming notebook.
  5. Once you finish, scan back through the list–it should be pretty colorful–and it will (should) probably be mostly yellow.
  6. As you look over your list, it should start triggering thoughts like, “Oh, I need to add this task group or that task, or I need this category…AND THAT IS GOOD!
  7. Start adding, where you left off Dream Storming, more to the list. Don’t worry, like I mentioned before you’ll have some time to do this before I post Part 2–also don’t worry if thoughts keep popping up even after we get Part 2 and the Post-its. I’ve got that contingency covered.
Looking Pretty Colorful

Looking Pretty Colorful, Pink-Categories, Green-Task Groups, Yellow-Individual Tasks, Blue-Research



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